Chili Cookoff!


So, here are the details:


Chili Cook Off January 24, 2015, 12 to 4

PATRONS: $5 Wristband = 1 Tasting Spoon - No wristband... No tasting


1-TRADITIONAL: All Meat, Wild Game
3-ALTERNATIVE: Vegan/ Vegitarian, Seafood

4 Trophies total will be awarded

TEAM Rules:

1 - $25 entry fee for a 10 x 10 space (about the size of a pop up tent)
   Spaces available on a first come first served basis, starting at 8 a.m.
2 - 2 Members per team will receive a complementary wristband.
   All other members of a team, please purchase a $5 wristband for the Odd Fellows Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser.
3 - Teams must supply all chili ingredients, equipment and fuel.
   No electricity will be available on site.
   Bring tables, cookers, pots, pans, serving utensils, and a pop up tent, if desired.
   Decorating your space is encouraged but NOT required.
4 - All preparation for the Competition Chili must be done on site and from scratch.
   Scratch means starting with raw meat, vegetables and regular spices.
   Canned tomatoes are allowed. Meat and vegetables may be chopped before hand.
   You may mix spices before you arrive.
5 - Must prepare 5 Gallons of Chili.
6 - Must save 2 cups for judging starting at 2 p.m.
7 - Set up begins between 8 and 9 a.m.
8 - Must be prepared to start serving by 12 Noon for People's Choice.

No Bowls please.

We do not have a garbage disposal; so no cleaning pots on site.

4 oz. Dixie cups for patrons and judging, spoons and napkins provided by Odd Fellows Lodge #225

No wristband... No tasting


So, you have to try all ten!

Entry fee is just Five Bucks!

This gets you a spoon, a few cups, a wristband, and some great entertainment!

There are refreshments and tables inside the lodge.


Welcome!   These are our Chilli Cookoff Memories.

The following slides are, or will be, from this year's event on

Saturday January 24, 2015.


Look through the pictures. Enjoy and, if you have time, come out and see for yourself!

We have some fun, have some interesting Chili, and meet some new friends.


The slides below are from past years all buched up together, captions to come later.


How about some more pictures?

...more pictures here.

...and some more pictures here.